The Future of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric and hybrid vehicles have changed the way people drive, but too many drivers still shy away from these cars due to the cost of replacement batteries and the time commitment required for a full charge. Fortunately, changes are coming, … Continued

Product Spotlight: z-flo® Conductive Films and Foils

In the microscopic world of advanced coatings applications, every micron matters. As technology miniaturizes to increase efficiency and innovation, the need to produce ultra-thin, hyper-strong, omni-resistant coatings for various tech components becomes increasingly important. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings delivers unparalleled versatility … Continued

The Evolution of Whiteboards

Just about everyone has come into contact with a whiteboard. Since their inception, whiteboards have nearly entirely replaced their predecessor, chalk blackboards. Today, whiteboards are used in classrooms, conference rooms, and other spaces all around the world. These ubiquitous, often-overlooked … Continued

Polyurethane and Hydrophilic Foam for Medical Products

With a range of ultra-thin films, polyurethane foams, and adhesives, Transcontinental Advanced Coatings produces medical-grade materials for sensitive applications like ostomy devices and wound care. The two main types of foam we provide are hydrophilic and polyurethane. Advanced Polyurethane Foam … Continued

The Benefits of Choosing Contract Coating

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings has been a leading force in the manufacturing and development of contract coatings for high tech applications on a global basis for over 50 years, serving many blue-chip companies and across many different industries. Whether a company … Continued

Product Spotlight: reflex™ LT Textured Hardcoated Polyester Film

For a durable, antimicrobial hardcoat film, Transcontinental Advanced Coatings has developed a product with an advanced UV cured texture. Ideal for applications where sanitation and reliability are critical, reflex™ LT Textured Hardcoated Polyester Film is used for everything from healthcare equipment … Continued

The Past, Present, and Future of Medical Bandages

Humans have been injuring themselves and each other for centuries. As a result, the need to stop bleeding and deter infection has led to countless innovations in wound care throughout history. Of course, we aren’t finished yet—advanced medical film coatings … Continued