Product Spotlight: inspire® Polyurethane Films and Foams

Product Spotlight: inspire® Polyurethane Films and Foams

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Developed and continuously improved over the past 30 years, our inspire® polyurethane films and foams comprise some of the most advanced wound care components available. Manufactured in ISO 9001-2015 facilities in a clean room environment, our medical film coatings exceed regulatory standards. Though we produce several million square meters of material each year, we proudly offer inspire® products to manufacturers of all sizes.

Polyurethane Films

Because they function as the outer layer of wound dressings, polyurethane film coatings must adhere to the skin while creating minimal friction to ensure comfort for patients. Our inspire® line accomplishes both while also balancing breathability with protection. Our films provide a vital barrier that prevents bacteria from infiltrating wounds. We offer a wide variety of products in a range of colors, with and without adhesives. Clients may select either a paper or film backing and choose any thickness between 15 and 60 micrometers.

Polyurethane Foams

Extremely soft and flexible, our inspire® medical foams provide comfort as well as protection for patients. Their insulating properties aid in quick healing and recovery. Clients with their own designs can use our coating services to brand their films and foams without having to invest in additional equipment. We also provide foams without a film surface. The standard inspire® range encompasses thicknesses from 250 to 400 micrometers and is available in white, beige and pink. The white foam maintains its brightness even after being exposed to light or radiation.

Environmentally Sustainable Products

At Transcontinental Advanced Coatings, we understand the impact our business may have on the environment and local communities. Manufacturing inspire® medical film coatings requires chemical storage, coatings production, and waste disposal. We monitor these activities based on the local pollution prevention regulations of the U.S.A. and U.K., the two countries in which our films and foams are produced. We also strictly adhere to local stormwater and wastewater regulations.

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings serves many well-known brands and provides a wide range of products to all wound care manufacturers. Even if you believe your requirements exist outside our standard product range, we offer cost-effective, custom solutions foams and films where the customer can identify good potential volume. Please fill out our form today for more information on our inspire® line.