Advanced Polyurethane Films for Quality Medical Care

Advanced Polyurethane Films for Quality Medical Care

The inspire® brand of advanced polyurethane films and pu coatings have been specifically developed for professional medical care products as part of our coating services.

inspire® polyurethane films have a long history of use as the outer layer of wound dressings and are used successfully in IV, hydrocolloid and foam dressings as well as a number of high-performance plasters in the over-the-countersector. Polyurethane films have been designed to give exceptional performance for the wound dressing manufacturer.

The polyurethane films are available on either a paper or film backing. The standard inspire® range of polyurethane film dressings are available in thicknesses from 15 to 60 micrometers and in a range of colors.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Low coefficient of friction to prevent the dressing being removed by rubbing against clothing or bed sheets
  • Excellent flexibility and conformability which ensure good adhesion to the skin
  • Excellent breathability (MVTR) which prevents a build up of perspiration or wound exudate between the dressing and the skin. Accumulation of moisture can cause maceration around the wound or cause the dressing to detach
  • The films provide a barrier to stop ingress of bacteria into the wound and reduces the risk of infection

Each of the above features contribute to wound dressings that exhibit extended wear time and a better clinical outcome.

Adhesive Options

A number of the inspire® polyurethane films are available as adhesive coated products. Several pressure sensitive adhesive versions are available from the inspire® range and offer the potential to create wound dressings with different adhesive strengths and with a range of breathability (MVTR).

Additional Services

In addition to the standard range of inspire® polyurethane films TC Transcontinental Advanced Coatings offers:

  • in house printing to create product branding opportunities
  • pattern coated adhesives
  • Anti-bacterial additives

TC Transcontinental Advanced Coatings also offers Coating Services. This allows customers with their own formulations and designs to have films manufactured without the need for investment in expensive capital equipment.

Please note that the product guide provides an overview of products that are currently available. If you have requirements that are not met by the products listed, please contact us. We may manufacture the product you are searching for as a standard product.