Three Ways to Optimize EKG Monitoring

Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) tests help medical professionals monitor patients’ heartbeats to determine that their hearts are functioning properly. Failing to adhere to proper techniques when conducting EKG tests can compromise a technician’s ability to interpret the results, form diagnoses, … Continued

How Do Hot Air Balloons Work?

Over a hundred years before the Wright Brothers achieved the first airplane flight, hot air balloons were carrying passengers through the sky. These simple aircraft are widely known for recreational enjoyment, but they also played an integral role during other … Continued

What Is a Cleanroom Laboratory?

A “cleanroom” is a controlled environment that’s used for manufacturing processes or scientific research. These facilities have advanced filtration systems and other preventative measures to limit contamination from dust, airborne microbes, or other pollutants. Many corporations utilize cleanrooms during production, … Continued

How Lens Coatings Can Improve the Patient Experience

Provide excellent patient care at your optometry practice by offering a custom vision solution that helps make glasses more comfortable for wearers. Learn why offering patients various coating options to enhance vision correction can improve their experience wearing glasses and … Continued

Sustainability’s Vital Role in Corporate Operations

Connecting sustainability to long-term profitable growth demonstrates that a business values its relationships with shareholders, employees, and the shared environment. Learn how leveraging sustainable practices can benefit business growth, employee retention, and opportunities to network. Protecting the Bottom Line Investing … Continued

Improving Infotainment Systems in Cars

Today, almost all new vehicles include an “infotainment” system that controls both entertainment and practical functions. A majority of infotainment systems are touchscreen, but some manufacturers have returned to more traditional buttons and dials due to poor user experience or … Continued

What Does It Mean to Be BSI-Certified?

Businesses across industries aspire to the British Standard Institution (BSI) model of quality, and for good reason. The organization has been in operation for over a century and operates in over 30 countries, with services that help companies earn the … Continued

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Lithium-ion Batteries

From smartphones to satellites, lithium-ion batteries can be found in electronics across numerous industries, and new applications for them are still being developed. Though lithium-ion batteries are versatile and durable, several factors can affect their longevity. Extreme Temperatures Significant heat … Continued

Antimicrobial Coatings and COVID-19

In the fight against COVID-19, health officials are researching techniques to reduce the spread of the virus. The pandemic has proven to be a catalyst in widespread interest for antimicrobial coating technology in both public and private settings, which has … Continued