What Does It Mean to Be BSI-Certified?

What Does It Mean to Be BSI-Certified?

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Businesses across industries aspire to the British Standard Institution (BSI) model of quality, and for good reason. The organization has been in operation for over a century and operates in over 30 countries, with services that help companies earn the highest marks in safety, quality, management, and more. Discovery why BSI certifications bode well for a business through the key benefits outlined below.

Professional Product and Production Quality

The BSI framework analyzes everyday practices and assists businesses in achieving the highest-quality operation possible through standardization outlined by assessors. With thousands of consultants and guidelines to ensure businesses are performing at their best, the BSI model assures that a business’s products—as well as how those products are made—are safe and secure for the public. A BSI-certified business can also lay claim to efficient procedures and standards for employee training processes, and that it’s committed to not only keeping standards high but also improving wherever it can and as often as needed. When a business is certified with the BSI, it shows its dedication to the best practices in its industry and the standard of excellence it brings to the marketplace.

Expert Management Systems

The BSI’s standards also apply to management, and certification through the organization points to measurable and scalable business results. This classification denotes that the business complies with customer quality standards and meets statutory and regulatory requirements. BSI-certified businesses go a step further than their counterparts by embedding best-practice guidelines and criteria into their regular operations, protecting the business and those invested in its success. With an effective management system in place, revenue and market satisfaction have more room to flourish.

Partner With a BSI-Certified Leader in the Coatings Industry

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings is proud to be ISO 9001 Certified, which the BSI helped develop, and continues to pursue the highest standards in manufacturing and production. Each coating product and service offered comes backed with the company’s unwavering commitment to the best results possible, no matter the industry services. Fill out our contact form today for more information.