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Advanced Coating Services for Businesses Worldwide

Coating Technologies by Transcontinental Advanced Coatings

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings is a worldwide supplier of coated papers, specialty films, and substrates used in various industries, including electronics manufacturing and medical and optical technology. Our options include our own branded products, proprietary products developed in exclusive partnerships, and OEM labeled products. We offer worldwide facilities, fully customizable equipment to meet your needs, and more than 50 years of expertise in developing high-quality products. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

Our Coating Solutions

We specialize in coating services for businesses all across the globe, focusing on surface coatings to paper, film, and foil. Our production facilities in the U.S. and U.K. include equipment featuring coaters ranging in width from 12″ to 65″ to meet your custom requirements. Our advanced coating solutions can handle the unique needs of everything from polyurethane films and foams used in wound care and ostomy and medical devices to conductive coated films and foils used in batteries and communications systems. When you need coatings that will enhance the quality of your products and improve their lifespan, you need to look no further than our success and strong relationships with our worldwide partners.

Find a Product Line To Meet Your Industries Needs

Our coating services meet the requirements of a wide range of industries producing vastly different products with the same need: high-quality advanced coating technology. Our customers come from a diverse group of businesses charged with developing everything from items we use daily to specialty medical equipment for the healthcare industry. We provide solutions for medical companies, high-value electronic device manufacturers, automotive businesses, clothing manufacturers, information storage companies, and the defense and security industries. Our products include:

  • Contract coating – When you don’t have the time or resources to do your own coating, you can rely on us for reliable results and completion within your timeframe.
  • inspire® – Our inspire branded products meet the specialty needs of the medical industry, including adhesive bandages and breathable foam coverings that promote healing.
  • z-flo® – This line of the conductive film for electronics provides both surface conductivity and “through” conductivity for enhanced performance.
  • reflex™ – We offer a range of graphic overlay films that meet the requirements of screen printers, membrane touch switches, and fascia-panel manufacturers.
  • strat-fx™ – Our facility offers clear coatings that are pressure sensitive for touchscreens, whiteboards, smartphones, and graphic overlays.
  • Digital imaging – We can provide various substrates to protect fine art, photography, signs, and banners for beautiful displays.
  • tecnilith® – High-end electronics require high-end preservation. We offer solutions to protect artwork project films, high-performance tapes, microfilm, and more.

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Transcontinental Advanced Coatings has state-of-the-art, ISO-certified manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe to produce a vast array of specialty coatings for flexible materials in just about any industry. We continually improve our operations with a commitment to sustainable business practices, taking steps to minimize air emissions, energy consumption, and hazardous waste. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality coatings for films, foils, and other specialty substrates.


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