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Transcontinental Advanced Coatings has expanded our offerings in the pharmaceutical label market with the acquisition of H.S. Crocker Co., Inc. and its two facilities in Exton, PA, and Huntley, IL. As we advance further into the pharmaceutical packaging market, we are proud of the robust offerings we bring to the medical industry in self-adhesive labels, folded inserts, and more. With labels available in just weeks following FDA regulations, we look forward to partnering with you for tag and insert procurement. Contact us today to learn more.

Learn About Our Pharmaceutical Label Products

At Transcontinental Advanced Coatings, our goal is to make it easy to get the labels you need for various medical products. With fast turnaround times, FDA-approved manufacturing processes, and standard operating procedures to prioritize accuracy, we’re committed to earning your business for all of your labeling and topsert needs. We work diligently to manufacture superior products that protect patients’ information while including all necessary information related to the medication for safe and proper use.

Peel and Reseal Labels

Our specialized coating capabilities and the use of our new facility in Exton, PA, increase our offerings in the healthcare market. Peel and reseal labels are critical components of pharmaceutical products, and our line includes:

  • Three full panels of labeling space
  • Better layout for easier consumer use and interaction
  • The perfect choice for having information in multiple languages
  • Ability to add cross-promotional offerings with other products
  • Enough printable area to cut down on waste and minimize excess packaging

Booklet Labels With Detachability Options

Our booklet labeling capabilities mean you can include an infinite number of pages bound using several different methods before laminating it to the liner of your choice. Other benefits are:

  • Plenty of room for dosage information and legal jargon
  • Alternative tab options for elderly and arthritic patients for easier use
  • Ability to make portions of the booklet detachable if required
  • Ample space for the inclusion of multiple languages
  • A great alternative is to include folded insert information within exterior labeling

Braille Labels

Braille labeling on pharmaceutical and natural health products requires precision and consistency for the best user experience. Our Esko platform delivers incredible results and verifies dot diameter between 1.3 and 1.6 mm, spacing between dots that is 2.5 mm from the dot center of one to its neighboring dot, line spacing of 10 mm, and verification of all these by our GlobalVision system. We ensure quality by:

  • Using rotary screen-printed Braille dots for consistency and durability
  • Following Marburg Medium Font Specifications during pre-press setup and post-printing inspection to detail the size, spacing, and positioning of the Braille dots

Topserts and Folding

In addition to our pharma labeling and self-adhesive labels, we offer folded inserts for medical and natural healthcare products. Our facilities include 40” web to sheet offset printing for topserts with uninterrupted roll changes and dependable production.

We Make Pharma Label and Insert Procurement Easy

With the addition of our pharmaceutical label facility in Exton, PA, Transcontinental Advanced Coatings is now your dependable and trusted partner for peel and reseal labels, braille labeling, topserts, and more. We have more than 50 years in the specialty coatings business, and we look forward to delivering exceptional products with quick turnaround times for all of your medical and pharmaceutical needs. Contact us today to learn more.