Finding Contract Coating Services in USA, Europe, and Asia

Finding Contract Coating Services in USA, Europe, and Asia

What Is Contract Manufacturing and Coating?

Contract manufacturing is a practice that saves many manufacturers and companies a significant amount of their production budget. It involves using a third party for the creation of specific components. At Transcontinental Advanced Coatings, we have become the leading name in contract coating services throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia. With more than 50 years in business, companies around the world know that they can rely on our ISO 9001-certified facilities to deliver the highest-quality results that meet the standards of any industry, from automotive manufacturing to the creation of high-end electronics. Learn more about our contract coating services.

Applications for Contract Coating

Contract coating is a bespoke service used by major companies for everything from medical adhesive coating to biofeedback devices with a conductive film. We can coat substrates supplied by you or source the substrate for you. Some of the most common applications for contract coating include:

  • Automotive: When an automotive manufacturer needs coated film for something like heated mirrors or battery components, buying their own equipment and training their workers to make the coated film from scratch usually costs more than it is worth.
  • Defense: The defense industry relies on conductive films in biofeedback devices that require scientific precision, which our facilities are uniquely positioned to provide.
  • Electronics: Electronic imaging outlines the circuit traces in the electronics we use every day, but it’s often beneficial for electronics manufacturers to hire a specialized contract coater for the job.
  • Medical: When creating wound care supplies or touchscreen medical devices, it’s crucial to have a team that can perform quality-controlled coating services for your foam, film, and other materials.
  • Optical Film: From windows to advanced electronic circuits, optical films are a necessity in many devices. However, you can reduce costs and increase quality by using a contract manufacturer like Transcontinental Advanced Coatings.
  • Security: Contract coating is a great way to produce security features such as privacy glass or shatterproof windows.

The Benefits of Contract Coating

We understand that you want complete control over the product you supply to your end user. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings has the same high standards. However, collaborating with other highly skilled facilities is often the most reliable way to improve quality while reducing costs. When you work with a contract coating company like ours, you only pay for the advanced coating services you need when you need them. On top of that, our teams have specialized in the coating of materials for more than five decades, giving us an unmatched level of expertise. We ensure you get a pristine final product by following the strictest quality control measures in our industry.

Contract Coating for Specialty Projects

Many companies with unique products overlook the benefits of contract coating. Our facilities can provide various forms of custom coatings on countless types of specialty substrates. Don’t worry if you need something a little out of the ordinary. Our team has the equipment, experience, and techniques to deliver nearly any customized contract coating project. If your product is not yet fully developed or is still in the planning stages, we have a fully equipped formulation and analytical lab with testing and pilot coating capabilities.

Contract Coating vs. Toll Coating

Contract coating and toll coating services are often mentioned in the same breath. However, there is a difference between the two. Toll coating companies charge a fee (a “toll) for coating a substrate provided to them. On the other hand, contract coating typically involves both the sourcing of the substrate and the coating services. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings performs toll coating and contract coating.

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No matter what industry you serve, our facilities are equipped to provide you with the contract coating or toll coating services you need. Our stringent manufacturing process takes place in a cleanroom facility, and we can ensure that your coated materials comply with the regulation and legislation in your market. Contact us today to learn more about hiring us as your contact coating provider.

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