Contract Coating Capabilities

Contract Coating Capabilities

With several coating lines from 12” (300mm) to 65” (1650mm) in clean environments, numerous coating techniques, a variety of curing methods and converting capabilities, TC Transcontinental Advanced Coatings has the coating processes required to deliver effective solutions for its customers.

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Coating Methods

Based on the chemistry of the coating to be applied, the coating thickness and the functional properties desired, the method will be selected from:

  • Reverse roll
  • Direct or reverse gravure
  • Direct or post-metered slot die
  • Rotary Screen
  • Proprietary coating techniques

TC Transcontinental has the capability to cure materials via a variety of methods including:

  • Thermal
  • UV

Process Control

  • Process data logging
  • Camera Inspection
  • Electronic SPC charts

Pilot Coating Facilities

  • Development Laboratory
  • Modular laboratory coating facility to 300mm (12’’)
  • Pilot Coating facility 600mm (24’’)

Additional Equipment

  • Mixing Facilities
  • Slitting/Sheeting/Rewinding
  • Filtered air class to 1000 (M4.5) conditions
  • Printing

Our custom engineered coating equipment can be modified in-house to adapt to customer needs.

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