Sustainability’s Vital Role in Corporate Operations

Sustainability’s Vital Role in Corporate Operations

The poster of the importance role of sustainability in corporations at Matthews, NC

Connecting sustainability to long-term profitable growth demonstrates that a business values its relationships with shareholders, employees, and the shared environment. Learn how leveraging sustainable practices can benefit business growth, employee retention, and opportunities to network.

Protecting the Bottom Line

Investing in green solutions will not only help ensure that a business operates with the environment’s best interest in mind, but it can also offer an opportunity to streamline processes so that they’re as efficient as possible. Monitoring water and energy consumption, reducing waste, and the continuous integration of sustainable practices can only yield benefits when it comes to maintaining profitability. It’s true that in many cases the initial investment in sustainability can be large, depending on the organization; however, numerous studies show that making the change will pay off in the long run. Morgan Stanley’s 2017 survey of investors revealed that 71% of respondents expressed that “companies that focus on the environment and social goals will actually earn better returns.”

Reputation Management

Establishing trust and credibility with the public and partners can raise market standards, reduce operating risks, and build a better sense of community among employees. In recent years, many consumers have witnessed how climate change is impacting their local communities and are making a conscious effort to evaluate their purchase decisions in regard to environmental impact.

Increased Preparation for Regulatory Changes

Opting for more environmentally friendly practices can help ensure that your business is compliant in the event of changed legal regulations. You’ll also enjoy a competitive advantage that can also improve talent acquisition and employee engagement—results of a 2017 corporate social responsibility survey by Cone Communications showed that 88% of respondents would be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues.

Work With a Sustainable, High-Performance Coating Company

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings is a global leader in the advanced coatings industry that drives the development of quality products while adhering to our commitment to sustainable practices. All of our business activities are regulated under Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations, and we’ve developed several initiatives to acknowledge our corporation’s responsibility to minimize environmental impact. To learn more about our sustainable practices, contact us.