How Lens Coatings Can Improve the Patient Experience

How Lens Coatings Can Improve the Patient Experience

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Provide excellent patient care at your optometry practice by offering a custom vision solution that helps make glasses more comfortable for wearers. Learn why offering patients various coating options to enhance vision correction can improve their experience wearing glasses and enhance your credibility as a practitioner.

Help Improve Overall Vision Quality

Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and UV-blocking coating treatments can help you better address customers’ needs when it comes to their biggest pain points while wearing glasses. Lens coatings offer patients the opportunity to relax their eyes and find a vision correction solution that best fits their lifestyles. Whether they spend the majority of their time reading small print or engaged in outdoor activities, lens coatings can better suit their biggest vision concerns.

Enjoy Comfortable Nighttime Drives

Distracting light from oncoming traffic and the surrounding area can make driving at night more challenging for drivers wearing standard lenses. Suggesting an anti-reflective coating for their lenses can help reduce or completely eliminate safety concerns that arise from reflected light hazards while driving.

Reduced Screen Fatigue

With norms around remote work shifting following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more employees than ever are working from home and staying connected online. With prolonged screen time, some patients may be concerned about how eyestrain can impact their vision. In addition, scratches on the lens surface can also negatively impact vision and affect patients’ ability to see clearly. Offering frames with scratch-resistant lens can not only improve vision quality but also provide greater value by extending the lifespan of the glasses.

Additional Sun Protection

UV concerns aren’t exclusive to the skin. Unfiltered sunlight can cause cornea damage, contribute to the development of cataracts, and possible macular degeneration. UV protection is necessary even during cloudy weather, and the right coating application can help ensure that patients feel more comfortable while outdoors.

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