Polyurethane Foams

Polyurethane Foams

The inspire® brand of polyurethane foams and medical coatings have been developed for professional wound care products, where soft cushioning, insulation and ease of application are required.

The foam materials are typically provided with a thin inspire® film on the surface to achieve low friction and bacterial barriers. Versions without a film surface are also available.

The standard inspire® range of pu foam is available in thicknesses from 250 to 600 micrometers, however the pufoam can be tailored to customer specifications for thickness, softness and color. Standard colors include white, beige and pink. The white foam will not fade or discolor due to exposure to light or radiation.

Product Features and Benefits

  • The film/foam materials benefit from all of the surface features and benefits associated with the inspire® film range
  • Insulating properties which have been shown to aid the wound healing process
  • The polyurethane foam is extremely soft and flexible providing comfort and protection for the patient
  • The foam manufacturing process at TC Transcontinental’s is very versatile and we would welcome the opportunity to create new materials to meet your needs. The team believe that there are excellent opportunities for stretching the boundaries of thickness and the open cell structure to create new components for wound dressings
  • A number of the inspire® foams are available as adhesive coated products. Several pressure sensitive adhesive versions are available from the inspire® range. They offer the potential to create wound dressings with different adhesive strengths and with a range of breathability (MVTR)

Additional Services

In addition to the standard range of inspire® polyurethane foams we offer:-

  • in house printing to create product branding opportunities
  • pattern coated adhesives
  • Anti-bacterial additives

We also offer Coating Services. This allows customers with their own formulations and designs to have films manufactured without the need for investment in expensive capital equipment.

Please note that the product guide provides an overview of products that are currently available. If you have requirements that are not met by the products listed, please contact us. We may manufacture the product you are searching for as a standard product.

Technical Data:

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