How Wound Dressings Help Promote Healing

How Wound Dressings Help Promote Healing

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The right type of dressing can significantly impact the healing of severe wounds. Various materials designed to promote blood flow to the injury site and protect the area from infectious bacteria improve outcomes for patients affected by non-healing wounds. Explore wound dressings that go beyond keeping an injury clean and dry by creating a therapeutic effect.

Benefits of Transparent Film Dressings

These thin dressings are made from adhesive-coated polyurethane in a range of shapes and sizes and offer significant healing advantages for severe wounds. These bandages:

  • Create a hydrated environment that is conducive to healing
  • Shield the injured area from trauma and infection
  • Flex to cover wounds in hard-to-access locations such as joints
  • Facilitate the removal of dead tissue from the wound site
  • Provide waterproof protection while allowing moisture to flow through to the wound
  • Allow clinicians to view the wound bed without removing the protective dressing
  • Can be used between three and five days and in some cases up to seven days

Uses for Transparent Wound Dressings

These types of bandages are most appropriate for wounds with limited drainage and eschar that require debridement. They can also be used to shield heels, elbows, and other bony areas from the impact of friction, to secure other dresses, or to keep IV catheters in place.

Transparent polyurethane dressings are not designed for patients who have wounds with moderate to heavy drainage, active infection, or third-degree burns. They should not be used for elderly patients, those taking steroids, and other individuals with thin or fragile skin.

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