How Sustainability Is Built Into Our Manufacturing Processes

How Sustainability Is Built Into Our Manufacturing Processes

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Today, corporations across the globe have realized the importance of sustainability. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings takes its responsibility to the community, the environment, and the world seriously. Sustainability is built directly into each phase of the manufacturing process at Transcontinental Advanced Coatings, from improving energy efficiency to reducing air emissions and maximizing recyclability.

Advanced Coatings and VOCs

Coated products are often created by applying solvents. When these solvents are left to dry, their evaporation can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Many VOCs are hazardous in certain concentrations and can damage the ozone layer when entering the atmosphere. TC Transcontinental Advanced Coatings uses a Thermal Oxidizer to go above and beyond all local, state, and federal laws.

Keeping Water Clean from Runoff

Water is one of the world’s most precious resources. Protecting it is a core focus of sustainable manufacturing. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings does not use any drains for chemical runoff and ensures that all effluent waste is collected by licensed contractors for reuse as fuel or proper disposal.

Energy Efficiency

Industrial manufacturing accounts for a large portion of the world’s energy use. Being able to do the same amount of work while minimizing energy consumption is good business and good for the environment. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings consistently evaluates and reevaluates its manufacturing, operations, and other aspects of its business to deliver high-quality products while minimizing electricity and natural gas use. This is reflected in the company’s decade-long commitment to year-over-year energy savings and a long-term push towards hitting efficiency targets by 2020.

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings and TC Transcontinental, our parent organization, believe that business works best when it works for everyone. We bring our commitment to sustainability to the multitude of markets we serve, working with each customer to meet their unique needs in a sustainable and ethical manner. Fill out our form today to learn more about our business practices and product offerings.