The Evolution of Human Systems and HMIs

Driven by advances in technology, as well as the demands of manufacturing facilities and those who operate them, the tools used to connect a person to machines and devices in the industrial world have changed dramatically over the last three … Continued

How Biofeedback Devices Have Advanced

Due to technological advances, much has changed since researchers first formed the Biofeedback Research Society in 1969. Now called the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, the society’s new name exemplifies a conceptual shift in the scientific community’s understanding of … Continued

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Contract Coating Company

When the need for custom coating services arises, manufacturers must decide between handling the coating job in-house and hiring an outside contract coating company. Because they can help with researching and developing new products and they have high-capacity, better-quality coating … Continued

Flexible Electronics and the Future of Medicine

The future in advanced medicine has been a past-tense reality for many years already, with robotic surgeries being fairly  commonplace. But, breakthroughs in flexible electronics mean many medical advances are also now possible for  ordinary   applications. Flexible Electronics: The Future … Continued

The Future of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric and hybrid vehicles have changed the way people drive, but too many drivers still shy away from these cars due to the cost of replacement batteries and the time commitment required for a full charge. Fortunately, changes are coming, … Continued

Product Spotlight: z-flo® Conductive Films and Foils

In the microscopic world of advanced coatings applications, every micron matters. As technology miniaturizes to increase efficiency and innovation, the need to produce ultra-thin, hyper-strong, omni-resistant coatings for various tech components becomes increasingly important. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings delivers unparalleled versatility … Continued

The Evolution of Whiteboards

Just about everyone has come into contact with a whiteboard. Since their inception, whiteboards have nearly entirely replaced their predecessor, chalk blackboards. Today, whiteboards are used in classrooms, conference rooms, and other spaces all around the world. These ubiquitous, often-overlooked … Continued