How tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool can Be Developed and Exposed Without a Dark Room

How tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool can Be Developed and Exposed Without a Dark Room

streamline operations using Transcontinental Advanced Coating

Manufacturers of printed circuits and microelectronics, as well as companies engaged in chemical milling, can reduce costs and streamline operations using Transcontinental Advanced Coating’s tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool. This positive working diazo film’s innovative design allows for processing of positive and negative images in room light, which eliminates the need for maintaining a darkroom to produce circuit-quality images and the associated costs. Produced on a .007” polyester base with a scratch and chemical resistant emulsion, tecnilith® yields over 1000 lines/mm of sharp, high-resolution images with no additional protective laminates required. The film’s unique features make film exposure and development more efficient with no washing or drying required.

Exposure Made Easy

Thanks to tecnilith®’s unparalleled dimensional stability and durability, a conventional vacuum frame with a metal halide or similar light source is sufficient for proper exposure, and any table-top ammonia processor works for development. tecnilith® is designed for minimal infrared absorption to reduce heat buildup. The Stouffer Sensitivity Guide (21 Step Transparent) imaging tool yields optimal exposure results when reproduced on film duplicates with a clear step One (1) and a good step Two (2). The company offers a downloadable pdf with more details on exposure as well as troubleshooting tips.

Development Without Darkroom

Likewise, the development of tecnilith® is easier and more economical. No darkroom is needed because the film faithfully reproduces the original geometry of images even when handled in room light. Nevertheless, attention to process details like the temperature of the ammonia, which must be above 23° Baume, is important to achieve desired results. Users can consult this PDF for specific parameters regarding developers, vapor locks, temperature, exhaust, and drainage as well as for possible fixes for common development problems.

Inquiries and Orders

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings (TAC) is happy to field general inquiries about its product lines and hosts this blog in part to supply helpful information and tips for tecnilith® and other TAC products. Nevertheless, all PCB manufacturers deal with process issues and complications specific to their operations and outputs. For site-specific use and requirement guidance, local film suppliers are usually the best resource. To inquire about the tecnilith® Micro Matte Phototool or any other TAC product, simply fill out our online form.