Product Spotlight: z-flo® Conductive Films and Foils

Product Spotlight: z-flo® Conductive Films and Foils

Product spotlight for z-flo conductive films and foils

In the microscopic world of advanced coatings applications, every micron matters. As technology miniaturizes to increase efficiency and innovation, the need to produce ultra-thin, hyper-strong, omni-resistant coatings for various tech components becomes increasingly important.

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings delivers unparalleled versatility and high-performance conductivity in its z-flo® brand of conductive films and foils.

z-flo® Conductive Films and Foils

z-flo® takes its name from its reliable, precise triaxial conductivity—up/down (x-axis), across (y-axis), and through (z-axis)—uniformly distributed throughout a super-tensile structure with widths measurable in single-digit microns. These innovations make z-flo® conductive carbon films ideally versatile for technologies that rely on lightweight components for contact conductivity. Applications range from medical-grade polyurethane for diagnostic equipment to optically clear adhesives for use on dry-erase interactive whiteboards. Where reliable electrical contact matters, as in precision mapping, z-flo® conductive films are the component of choice for industries worldwide.

Solutions for Lithium-based Batteries

Transcontinental’s conductive foils are used extensively in all lithium-based batteries, including Li-Ion and Li-polymer, to improve performance, efficiency, and safety. They simultaneously provide strong adhesion to the aluminum foil structure, as well as protection from electrolyte chemistries for the foil itself. Also called primed foil or current collectors, their widths and coatings can be customized to suit nearly any application, including super-, ultra-, and electrochemical capacitors and DMI/RFI shielding. Transcontinental can also custom-compose foils in alternate tempers and alloys to fit specific client needs.

The single-micron thickness, high tensile strength, and uniform coating of z-flo® battery electrode separator films with ceramic layers give Li-Ion batteries essential, multilayer fuse protection from the internal thermal extremes they experience. This stability ultimately safeguards the devices that depend on them from catastrophic failure caused by those temperature spikes.

Medical Applications

z-flo® carbon-filled polymeric films, produced with or without additional silver coatings, are also widely used in specialized medical electrodes. Exemplary applications include cosmetic, defibrillator, iontophoresis, patient monitoring, muscle stimulator electrodes, and TENS electrodes.

At Transcontinental Advanced Coatings, we manufacturer all our conductive films and foils at two state-of-the-art facilities, one in the US and one in the UK, both with clean rooms and multiple coating capacities. In addition to transnational manufacture, we achieve global market reach via our ISO-certified converting and distribution center, located in China. Our global reach, multinational footprint, resident experts, and commitment to innovation that balances cost and performance all back a unique brand of extremely versatile, efficient, and reliable conductive films and foils. To learn more about our z-flo® Conductive Films and Foils, and how we can design products to custom-fit your company’s needs, just fill out our online form.