z-flo® Conductive Films

z-flo® Conductive Films

For over 50 years, manufacturers around the world have trusted Transcontinental Advanced Coatings to deliver high-performance advanced coating services, from medical-grade polyurethane to optically clear adhesives. Our z-directional conductive film and coated foil products are used in an array of applications, including various types of electrodes, medical diagnostic devices, lithium-ion batteries and capacitors, and electronic whiteboards. Learn more about our z-flo® branded product line.

z-flo® Conductive Films and Foils for Conductivity and Reliability

The z-flo® brand of advanced coatings is recognized around the world for delivering high-performance conductivity and reliability. Whether you require advanced medical diagnostic equipment film conductivity or conductive film for interactive whiteboards, our team can help find the right solution for you. Like all of our products, our z-flo® line is manufactured in ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities in the USA and the UK, both having multiple coating lines and clean rooms. Our ISO 9001-certified converting and distribution center in China also allows us to have a truly global reach for your business.

Our products under the z-flo® brand feature the following:

Medical Electrodes:

Their precise coating, uniformly dispersed conductivity, and “through” conductivity make our films ideal for use in a variety of compact and lightweight medical diagnostics and treatment devices. Applications include electrodes for patient monitoring, defibrillation, and muscle stimulation.

Conductive Current Collectors:

z-flo® current collector products help assure reliable power and performance for batteries, as well as industrial applications for communication and transportation. This includes lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, and lithium metal polymer batteries. The z-flo® brand of conductive coated aluminum foils—also called primed aluminum foils or cathode current collectors—come in a wide range of thicknesses, lengths, and roll lengths.

Battery Separators:

Our z-flo® battery electrode separator films have ceramic coatings that provide multilayer fuse protection for the thermal extremes of lithium-ion batteries. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings coats the thinnest films possible in the single micron range with high tensile strength and high uniformity of coated surfaces. Each component is manufactured in a clean room environment, with digitally enhanced particle inspection for assured quality.

Conductive Films for Whiteboards:

The z-flo® brand of conductive films is used throughout the world in electronic whiteboards that interface with computers and assure a reliable contact that generates coordinates for precision mapping. We also produce superior dry erase film surfaces for use in passive (static) and electronic (interactive) whiteboards.

All of our carbon-filled polymeric films, with or without additional silver coatings, and carbon-coated aluminum foils are:

  • Lightweight
  • Low-cost
  • High-performing
  • Unaffected by humidity

They also resist corrosion and attack by chemicals, provide adhesion for coatings or laminations, will not fail, and provide surface conductivity, as well as “through” connectivity or conductivity in the z-direction.

Existing Applications

Our z-flo® branded products are featured in the following applications:

  • Lithium battery current collectors and cathode current collectors
  • Lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries
  • Lithium-ion battery separators
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Electrostatic discharge protection
  • Supercapacitors, ultracapacitors, and electrochemical capacitors
  • Iontophoresis electrodes, corrosion-resistant electrodes, cosmetic electrodes
  • Defibrillator electrodes, medical electrodes, monitoring electrodes, stimulator electrodes, and TENS electrodes.
  • Dry erase whiteboards and electronic whiteboards
  • Fuel cells and heating pads
  • Custom designs

At Transcontinental Advanced Coatings, our unique combination of world-class facilities, customized equipment, skilled personnel, and expertise results in products with the optimum balance between cost and performance. If you’re interested in learning more about how our z-flo® branded products can help improve your business’s operations, then fill out an online inquiry. One of our colleagues will be happy to work with you to meet your specific demands and goals.

z-flo® Conductive Films and Foils - Transcontinental Advanced Coatings
Example of the z-flo® conductive films created by Transcontinental Advanced Coatings