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Introducing Total Care

Extended Total Range of Solutions for the Medical Industry

Learn more about our range of high-performing medical components used to manufacture advanced wound care, consumer, ostomy, and IV dressings, patient monitoring devices, and medical antimicrobial hard coats.  This new product portfolio includes leading tailored solutions and technical excellence that supports the highest level of brand confidence and optimizes patient comfort, care, and healing.

Trancontinental Products - inspire, z-flo and reflex

About The Total Care Line

The Total Care line is a comprehensive medical product portfolio that features the trusted and the newly enhanced inspire® product range of ultra-thin polyurethane films and innovative medical-grade adhesives for advanced wound care. Additionally, we have added  new complimenting platforms of silicone adhesives and hydrophilic foams used in bi and tri-laminate constructions and wound dressings.

The Total Care line extends to z-flo™ conductive films for patient monitoring and medical devices.  And, reflex™  our range of antimicrobial hard-coated, optical-grade films that stand up to the most challenging applications for HMI (human-machine interface) and MTS (membrane touch switch) applications.

Contact us to be your partner to collaborate and develop an innovative solution for your product requirements. Together, we will implement a custom plan to deliver the quality you expect from initial lab work through commercialization while ensuring strict confidentiality.

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