Polyurethane and Hydrophilic Foam for Medical Products

Polyurethane and Hydrophilic Foam for Medical Products

Polyurethane and Hydrophilic Foam for Medical Products

With a range of ultra-thin films, polyurethane foams, and adhesives, Transcontinental Advanced Coatings produces medical-grade materials for sensitive applications like ostomy devices and wound care. The two main types of foam we provide are hydrophilic and polyurethane.

Advanced Polyurethane Foam

The soft flexibility of polyurethane foam makes it ideal for creating wound dressings that are comfortable to wear and provide insulation that creates a warm environment for healing and padding to protect the delicate wound area. With a thin layer of polyurethane film on the surface, our foam products provide a waterproof, bacterial barrier while maintaining high levels of breathability. The products are also available with different levels of pressure-sensitive adhesive strength, and the breathability (MVTR) can be adjusted for new applications.

While our products can be tailored to the specifications of individual customers, the standard thickness for our polyurethane foam ranges from 150 to 600 micrometers. Our innovative team also enjoys opportunities to stretch the potential of our open cell structure and create new materials for custom projects. Standard colors include pink, beige, and white; our white foam is not discolored or faded by exposure to radiation or light. We can even print your brand logo and other information onto an outer layer of polyurethane film.

Custom Hydrophilic Foam

Our Sentient hydrophilic foams are cost-effective solutions for IV dressings, advanced wound care, and bandages, designed to maximize fluid absorbency and retention. Sentient hydrophilic foams can be embossed in our patented manufacturing process. The unique process allows for the incorporation of nonwovens, films, and other medical film coatings to create a variety of bandages and wound dressings without the need for multiple independent manufacturing steps, generating significant cost advantages and simplifying logistics.

The right foam product can make a big difference in patient comfort and recovery time, mainly when used for wound care. With an assortment of medical products, Transcontinental Advanced Coatings can handle the exacting quality standards of the healthcare industry. Our inspire® brand represents more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of medical solutions. To find out how we can help your team, fill out our form.