Versatile strat-fx™ Film Products in USA, Europe, & Asia

Versatile strat-fx™ Film Products in USA, Europe, & Asia

Coated Films and Optical Clear Adhesives

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings produces a highly versatile line of coated strat-fx™ film. Companies in the USA, Europe, and Asia use these coated films in various products, from whiteboards to food packaging. Every coated film in the strat-fx™ brand is made in our ISO 9001-certified facilities with redundant quality control measures to ensure that you have the most reliable product every time. Learn more about our types of strat-fx™ coated films.

Dry Erase Film Coating

Dry-erase film coating is an advanced coating that offers the benefits of being easily writable and erasable. One side is 35gu hardcoat, giving it the texture and traits you want from a dry-erase material. The other side is a pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated film, allowing the film to be applied to any surface. The film is .005” thick and made of polyester with a clean white color. Some of the most common applications for our dry-erase-coated film include:

  • Creating large whiteboards for classrooms or presentation areas
  • Creating smaller dry-erase surfaces for office tools like calendars
  • For use as a hotspot-free projection surface

The Benefits of Dry-Erase-Coated Film

The dry-erase-coated film we produce at Transcontinental Advanced Coatings is superior to the average whiteboard surface. We have cultivated the coating to offer additional features that make these dry-erase surfaces truly stand out. Some of the benefits of strat-fx™ dry-erase coating include:

  • Superior writability
  • Easily wiped clean without leaving ghost letters behind
  • Anti-graffiti properties prevent stains from things like permanent markers
  • Chemical resistance allows you to use nearly any cleaning product without fear of damaging the surface
  • Optical white technology creates the purest writing surface possible, free of optical imperfections

Coated Nylon 6.6 Barrier Film

When you want a PVDC-coated film that is flexible, clear, and impermeable, coated nylon 6.6 barrier film is perfect. This is a highly durable material for printing, laminating, and extrusion coating. Its high barrier properties make it an especially useful material when containing moisture, grease, oxygen, or odor is a concern. This coated film is often used in such applications as:

  • Industrial end use
  • Packaging of consumer goods like foods, drugs, and other perishables
  • Shower curtains
  • Fabrics
  • Garden furniture
  • Waste-water treatment materials
  • Special photographic film

The Benefits of Coated Nylon 6.6 Barrier Film

What sets coated nylon 6.6 barrier film apart from the pack is its unique properties. Very few coated films can provide the combination of easy use with high-performance functionality. Some of the key benefits of strat-fx™ coated nylon 6.6 barrier film include:

  • Grease resistance
  • Transparent appearance
  • High oxygen gas barrier
  • Moisture barrier rate of 1 gram per 100in2 in 24 hours at 37.8°C
  • Easily thermoformed to nearly any shape

Optical Clear Adhesive Film

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings’ optical clear adhesive film is a pressure-sensitive bonding film that requires no support to adhere. It is easy to apply and creates flawless results on both smooth and rough substrates. It is used on various end-user products that require a durable, clean, and utterly transparent film. It is touch-sensitive, so that it can be used with touch screens and other electronic devices. The strat-fx™ film comes in thicknesses from 1mil to 7 mills and can be cut in a wide range of slit widths. Some of the most common uses for clear adhesive film include:

  • Capacitive touch screens
  • Rear projection screens
  • Graphics overlays
  • LCD and OLED displays

The Benefits of Optical Clear Adhesive Film

Whether you need an industrial adhesive film or a custom adhesive coating for a film, our strat-fx™ optical adhesive film will be an excellent choice. While it has a variety of applications, we can create custom pieces that fit your manufacturing process perfectly. Some of the benefits of our optically clear adhesive film include:

  • Adheres firmly to rough or smooth surfaces
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Bonds firmly for years and years
  • UV stabilization
  • Vibrantly transparent
  • Zero post-production errors
  • Cost-effective


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