Optically Clear Adhesive

Optically Clear Adhesive

Optically Clear Adhesive Film is a free-standing, pressure-sensitive, bonding film designed specifically for laminating both smooth and rough substrates. Its cleanliness, durability and high optical transmission make it most effective for use in capacitive touch screens, rear projection screen, graphic overlays and other applications where adhesion and optical clarity are crucial.

Our strat-fx Optically Clear Adhesive film is an unsupported adhesive, encapsulated with two high quality differential release liners.  During lamination to glass or plastic surfaces, the adhesive ‘flows’ into the laminated surfaces topography eliminating air gaps or bubbles.

These adhesive products are custom designed to OEM / end user requirements and can be manufactured in thicknesses from 1mil to 7mils, a wide range of coated and slit widths, and can be custom formulated to achieve specific properties.

TC Transcontinental has a 10,000sqft lab, pilot facilities and a full staff of chemists, engineers and analytic professionals to assist in the development and refinement of custom adhesive products.

More detailed information on the product is available in the datasheet.