reflex™ Overview

reflex™ Overview

Our reflex™ range of hardcoats for membrane switch and overlay films has been developed to meet the exacting requirements of Screen Printers, Membrane Touch Switch and Fascia-panel Manufacturers and their end users.

The reflex™ brand of hardcoats includes reflex™ CE Hardcoated Polyester, reflex™ LT Hardcoated Polyester and reflex™ Antimicrobial LT Hardcoated Polyester.

Based on optical grade heat-stabilized polyester the reflex™ range has a typical residual shrinkage of less than 0.3%. It is two side coated in 1000 Class Clean Rooms on one side, with a well proven print receptive layer for UV and solvent base inks, and on the other side with an advanced UV cured resin.

TC Transcontinental has achieved optimum performance in hardness, embossability, chemical resistance, a switch lifetime of more than 3 million acutations.




Adhesive film produced by Transcontinental Advanced Coatings