Coveris Advanced Coatings Unveils NEW product: Duratool XL at IPC APEX EXPO 2014

Coveris Advanced Coatings Unveils NEW product: Duratool XL at IPC APEX EXPO 2014

Coveris Advanced Coatings recently attended IPC APEX EXPO 2014. The event attracts thousands of industry professionals from more than 50 countries. IPC APEX EXPO features advanced and emerging technologies in printed board design manufacturing, electronics assembly, test and printed electronics.

The company has recently changed its name to Coveris Advanced Coatings (formerly Exopack Advanced Coatings). As well as the name change Coveris Advanced Coatings is pleased to introduce our new Phototool product: Duratool XL (Extra Life), part of our tecnilith® portfolio, which was unveiled at the show.

When compared to standard Photo-Tooling products, Duratool XL has built in functionality to increase its useful life, particularly when it comes to exposure or ‘shot’ life without compromising D-Min rise.  Duratool XL is available globally and has been very well received by customers that require longer life Phototool films.

Mark Ammermann, VP Sales and Marketing of Coveris Advanced Coatings says, ‘We are excited to announce our new Duratool XL Photo Tooling film at the 2014 IPC / APEX EXPO!  We named the product ‘XL’ due to the durability it offers and it’s eXtended Life in a production environment.  This premium micro matte film offers a new level of endurance (Low D-min) when experiencing intense exposure and high ‘shot’ counts.  Duratool XL fills a need in the market that requires unparalleled longevity which helps reduce costs and ultimately sets the standard in demanding Photo Tooling applications.’

Coveris Advanced Coatings manufactures Duratool XL films to meet the specific requirements of the PCB industry. We’re one of the world’s largest manufacturers of precision-coated products for numerous imaging and applications and have 50 years experience in manufacturing products for the electronics industry, including artwork protect films, dry film resist, phototool film and other electronic films and laminates.

If you are interested in Duratool XL please contact us. Samples are also available by contacting