Product Spotlight: reflex™ LT Textured Hardcoated Polyester Film

Product Spotlight: reflex™ LT Textured Hardcoated Polyester Film

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For a durable, antimicrobial hardcoat film, Transcontinental Advanced Coatings has developed a product with an advanced UV cured texture. Ideal for applications where sanitation and reliability are critical, reflex™ LT Textured Hardcoated Polyester Film is used for everything from healthcare equipment to food catering. Embossable and excellent for touchpads and membrane switches, the flex life can exceed five million actuations.

How Is It Made?

The process begins with a highly durable polyester base film. On one side, we apply an advanced UV cured texture that is enhanced with the inclusion of SteriTouch®️ antimicrobial additives. Approved for use throughout North America and Europe, SteriTouch®️ meets the standards for inclusion on Biocidal Products Regulation, and all its active components are approved for food contact by the FDA and EPA. The surface treatment is formulated to eliminate the growth of mold, fungi, and bacteria. After 15-year lifetime testing, the biocidal film was still effective against Aspergillus Niger, MRSA, and E. coli. Finally, the second surface is receptive for solvent-based ink for screen printing, as well as UV printing.

What Applications Are Possible?

Our hardcoat film is designed for applications where durability is a top priority, such as HMI (Human Machine Interface). Functional sensors, touchpads, and membrane switches must withstand years of tactile use and abrasion. Because our product is resistant to chemicals (and most food products) as well as scratches, it makes an excellent film for surface protection, nameplates, and labels. The quality printing surface is optimal for fascia and graphic overlays.

To learn more about reflex™ LT Textured Hardcoated Polyester Film, contact the flexible and innovative team at Transcontinental Advanced Coatings. Our products can be adapted for a wide range of industries according to the needs of each client. Our advanced coating services include toll coating and contract coating in the US and the UK. For a hardcoat film to complete the functionality of your own products, fill out our form.