Pattern Coated Adhesives for Wound Dressings

Pattern Coated Adhesives for Wound Dressings

Coveris Advanced Coatings, UK – This article takes a look at the company’s range of polyurethane films that are pattern coated with skin-friendly pressure sensitive adhesives.

Offering a variety of medical components from ultra-thin polyurethane films and polyurethane foams to innovative medical grade adhesives and conductive films, pattern coating is an additional capability that Coveris Advanced Coatings can provide.

Pattern coating adhesive onto polyurethane films creates the opportunity to select the desired breathability (MVTR) in a wound dressing without limiting the choice of adhesive. The materials are ideal for top films in a wound dressing or as a component in more complex designs.

Pattern Coating allows greater flexibility in the choice of adhesives as the breathability is derived from the voids in the layer of adhesive rather than from the adhesive itself.  Special features include:

  • The ability to tailor the breathability (MVTR) to meet the customer’s specific requirements, by changing the ratio of adhesive coated to non-adhesive coated areas on the polyurethane film.
  • The range of adhesive properties available also increases as breathability is no longer restricted by the adhesive design. 
  • Positive environmental impact as the move away from 100% coating coverage can reduce the amount of adhesive required.
  • The products are ideal for use as components in silicone dressings.

Kevin Schofield, Medical Market Manager for Coveris Advanced Coatings says, ‘The pattern coating technology enhances Coveris Advanced Coatings’ manufacturing capability and creates the potential to explore new polyurethane structures.  The ability to effectively “print” any design from an array of dots to grids, or even text, opens up a wide range of possibilities for designing new dressings and medical products.’

The pattern coating technology emphasises Coveris Advanced Coatings’ commitment to be the global supplier of choice for wound dressing components.  The combination of expertise in polyurethane films and thin foams along with printing and adhesive coating makes Coveris Advanced Coatings unique in the marketplace.

Coveris Advanced Coatings would be delighted to discuss any opportunities where pattern coating may help you to overcome design challenges that you face.



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