PORTRAIT (March 2016)


WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, USA, 03/18/2016 – Museo Fine Art, the preeminent brand of digital fine art media from Coveris™ Advanced Coatings Digital Imaging division, a global market leader in the development and fulfilment of high performance digital imaging substrates, announced the launch of Museo Portrait photo paper today.

Museo Portrait is a photo paper offered in gloss and luster finishes. It is ideal for wedding, portrait and school photographers who are making the transition from lab prints to inkjet printing. A step above all other photo papers of its kind in the market today, it is sure to accurately reproduce the look and feel of traditional photographic paper. The instant dry resin coating produces vivid, true to life images that stand out from the crowd and insist on being admired.

Not only is the surface of Museo Portrait superior to the competition but its’ unmatched thickness at 11.4 mil (290 gsm) gives the highly saturated prints a distinguished photographic feel and keeps the images free from cockle. This photo paper is economical and delivers remarkable imaging capabilities with maximum ink load and high D-Max for the best photographic reproductions imaginable.

Museo Portrait is available now in the following sizes:

09711 Portrait Gloss 36″X10′ 3″C
09700 Portrait Gloss 17″X22″ 25SH
09701 Portrait Gloss 17″X52′ 3″C
09702 Portrait Gloss 36″X52′ 3″C
09703 Portrait Gloss 44″X52′ 3″C
09712 Portrait Luster 36″X10′ 3″C
09704 Portrait Luster 17″X22″ 25SH
09705 Portrait Luster 17″X52′ 3″C
09706 Portrait Luster 36″X52′ 3″C
09707 Portrait Luster 44″X52′ 3″C


“We are committed to broadening our Museo Fine Art offerings for our loyal customers. We are confident that Museo Portrait will quickly become a top choice for photographers, design professionals, advertising agencies and art schools worldwide” said Tamara Pitman, Product Manager of Digital Imaging at Coveris Advanced Coatings.

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