New Coating Capacity on Stream at Coveris Advanced Coatings

New Coating Capacity on Stream at Coveris Advanced Coatings

Coveris Advanced Coatings has invested in a new coating capability based upon a 65” (1650mm) wide, multi-head coater with a 120 foot (36.5m) long drier. The ability to coat dual layers in a single coating pass or to coat on both sides of a substrate greatly enhances Coveris Advanced Coatings’ existing coating & laminating capabilities. The new coater has been installed in a newly built area within the Matthews, NC, USA facility.

This investment has been made to meet customer demands and to continue the excellent growth enjoyed in markets as diverse as medical, electronics, renewable energy and security markets. The enhanced features of the new coater will permit access to more technically demanding applications and deliver a very efficient manufacturing process. The increased capacity also provides customers with a “coating services” solution that avoids the need for them to make substantial investment in establishing their own coating equipment. The initial products produced will be high quality digital imaging media for a leading provider in this market place.

The new coater features a variety of direct slot coating and gravure coating methods to ensure even the most challenging coatings can be applied to films, foils or papers. The drier has multiple zones and has the facility to differentially heat each side of the substrate. Combined with the ability to coat from a range of solvents, the coater will become a valuable asset to Coveris Advanced Coatings and their customers.

The new coater has allowed Coveris Advanced Coatings to position itself as the number one coater of choice for customers with exacting standards and a need for high quality, cost effective manufacture.

Coveris Advanced Coatings is a high quality producer of technically demanding components for industrial, medical and consumer markets.  As a wholly owned subsidiary of Coveris Holdings it has coating and converting facilities in the USA and UK and warehouse and converting facilities in Guangzhou, China.