Coveris Advanced Coatings to exhibit at EWMA 2018

Coveris Advanced Coatings to exhibit at EWMA 2018

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Coveris Advanced Coatings to showcase their inspire® range of medical components and Sentient hydrophilic foams at EWMA 2018 in Krakow, Poland from 9-11 May 2018.

The inspire® range of products is designed to bring high performance to moist wound dressings for the professional and consumer market. inspire® includes standard polyurethane films, foams, laminates and adhesives, ultra-thin films, novel highly breathable adhesive systems and new developments in infection control.

Key Benefits & Features include:

  • High MVTR (breathability)
  • Bacterial Barrier
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Low Trauma
  • Logo Printed for Brand Definition
  • Variety of Colours for Brand Definition
  • Pattern Adhesive Coating to Optimise Adhesion and MVTR
  • Excellent Processability
  • High Absorption and Retention of Sentient Foams

The range of polyurethane films and hydrophilic foams, conductive films, skin-friendly and breathable adhesives set the performance standard in the market and allow product developers to maximise wear time and efficacy of dressings.

The Sentient brand of hydrophilic foams delivers higher performance than traditional hydrophilic foams in terms of fluid retention, capacity and rate of fluid uptake and utilises technology that does not discolour on exposure to UV or sterilisation.  In addition to these attributes, Sentient has patented DYNAMIC FLOW TECHNOLOGY that allows the surface of the foam to be modified to improve performance further.

inspire® medical components and Sentient hydrophilic foams are designed to deliver the highest performance to the wound dressing market.

Meet The Team:

If you have a project to discuss or are interested in finding out more about the inspire® and Sentient ranges, please visit Stand No W208 where a member of Coveris Advanced Coatings can provide further information. Product samples and data will be available for you to look through and take away.