Coveris Advanced Coatings is happy to announce changes to the Reflex™ High Performance Film product line.  The changes provide the Human Machine Interface (HMI), Functional Control and Graphics Overlay markets a better understanding of each Reflex products aesthetic and functional characteristics.  It will also enable Coveris Advanced Coatings to easily make additions to the product line as market demands change.

Reflex™ CE will now become Reflex™ CE Gloss.  Reflex CE Gloss is a clear, hardcoated polyester film that exhibits exceptional solvent and scratch resistance while remaining very flexible.  The very low haze specification of Reflex CE Gloss provides excellent colour acuity when printed with solvent and UV screen print ink systems, or high light transmission when used in electronic display applications. 

Coveris Advanced Coatings is excited to announce the changes to the Reflex™ textured hardcoated polyester product group.  The Reflex™ LT Hardcoated Polyester name is now Reflex™ LT.  Reflex™ LT is a lightly textured hardcoated polyester film exhibiting the same solvent and scratch resistant properties while maintaining a high degree of flexibility.  Its uniform structure provides an attractive textured finish and a pleasing tactile response when touched.

Coveris Advanced Coatings is adding a new product to the Reflex™ LT family.  Reflex LT Digital combines the features of Reflex™ LT with a print receptive surface that exhibits improved ink adhesion compared to traditional ink primers used on competitive hardcoated polyesters currently in the market.  It is compatible with a wide selection of UV InkJet printing platforms available today.

And Coveris Advanced Coatings is now including an additional feature to the entire Reflex™ textured hard-coat family of products.  Beginning immediately, Reflex™ LT and Reflex™ LT Digital hard-coated materials will include antimicrobial functionality.  The antimicrobial hardcoated surface is designed to inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria, and mould on the hardcoat surface.  This feature makes Reflex™ LT and Reflex™ LT Digital well suited for use in medical and high traffic, high-touch surface protection applications where hygiene and cleanliness are critical and highly valued.  We have dropped the name Antimicrobial LT Hardcoated Polyester Film from the product line.

Please contact Coveris Advanced Coatings to receive more detailed information on our Reflex™ High Performance Film products.

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